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Available from Seville airport direct to the Cortijo - please enquire for details.



Available airports include, Sevilla, Jerez & Malaga. Many major airlines have a scheduled service as do large number of package tour operators.


Sevilla - British Airways, Iberia, EasyJet, Vueling, Ryanair

Jerez de la Frontera - Iberia, Ryanair

Malaga - Iberia, Vueling, Ryanair, British Airways, Easyjet


Car rental options


There are several car rental agencies options : Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Crown Auriga, Gold car

Distances to the Cortijo from :

Sevilla Airport - 45 minutes

Jerez de la Frontera Airport - 90 minutes

Malaga Airport - 120 minutes



Location: 37.660832,-5.56221



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Located in the province of Seville Spain. It has a population of approx 20,000 inhabitants. The Feria in Lora del Rio is held during the last week in May in La Alameda del Rio area it starts on the Wednesday and finishes on the Sunday there are lots of casetas where you can eat and drink. There are many bars and places to eat as well as a few supermarkets. Lora is a large town with plenty of shops and banks. It sits on the edge of the Guadalquivir river. Just to the north of Lora del Rio you have the Natural Park of Sierra Norte de Sevilla. 60km from Seville, 85km from Cordoba centre, 22km from Carmona,24km from Constantina.


“In the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, a great village full of character and history can be found: Lora del Río”




Let yourself be tempted by countless and flavourful gastronomic specialities.


From farm to fork!

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Lora del Río, cradle of great artists and deep-rooted traditions.


Religious pilgrimage of Nuestra Señora de Setefilla

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest




A walk through Lora becomes an exciting experience which makes us travel back to a past full of glory during the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries.




A meadow, a green farmland and a mountain range make of this village an unique landscape which is well worth visiting.

Parque Natural Matallana

This natural park of outstanding beauty is situated just a 10 minute stroll through the countryside behind the Cortijo

Why not enjoy breakfast under the shady pine trees and watch the rising sun....

Cortijo activities


Situated on the river Guadalquivir, southern Spain's largest city has been home to Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro, and its Gothic cathedral is the resting place of Columbus. Muslim and Jewish art can be seen throughout the Reales Alcazares. It's a contagiously romantic city whose celebratory ambiance pervades Seville's winding streets and spills out of the bars and tapas parlors of Santa Cruz and Plaza Alfalfa. Make sure to climb the Giralda tower for a spectacular view of the city.



Five things to do in Sevilla, for free !

Do not make the mistake of missing out on Seville. Andalucias capital has plenty more to offer than scorching summers and tasty tapas. You will not have to spend a single penny on enjoying these sights and sounds.


~ Santa Cruz

Seville s lovely old Jewish quarter is famous the world over as being one of the quaintest, most attractive, barrios in all of Spain. For that reason alone you are going to want to stroll down its delightful cobbled streets, twist in and out of its alleyways and wander past its thick-walled houses. Seeing this area on foot will not cost you anything. It will also provide you with some shady spots to escape the summer sun too!

Home to some of the cities oldest churches, make sure you stop in their courtyards and take in Sevilles elegant past as the city founded on the riches of the Americas. There are plenty for your literary nerds too. The legend of that saucy Spaniard Don Juan is set on the streets of Santa Cruz. Check out the Plaza de los Venerables, Don Juans supposed birthplace, and pay homage to the man who swash buckled and seduced his way to the deflowering of a hundred delicate virgins.


~ Plaza de Espana

Free all year round, the recently renovated Plaza de Espana is definitely worth whiling away a few hours. Designed for the Latin American expo in 1929, this semi-circular palace looks particularly stunning slap bang next to the park of Maria Luisa (whose gigantic ferns make it too worth a wander). Navigate the path leading across from the horse drawn carts (yes, do not worry, you are in present day Spain) stationed next to the giant centre fountain and head to the two towers looming over the circle of shining colours. Here you can see the separate artistic designs dedicated to each of Spains regions, each with its own cultural motifs and decorations. Keep your eyes peeled for the painted donkeys of Badajoz. Beat the pants off the real-life horses nearby.

Go to the Plaza de Espana at night and you will be in for an even greater treat with the square lit up and its alcoves illuminated. Run your hands all over the tilework and amble up to the balcony for views out over the Plaza below. Watch as tourists bump into each other in rowboats on the water that runs in a ring beneath the bridge.


~ Parroquia de San Lorenzo

Sevilles Parroquia de San Lorenzo means that budget travellers need not break the bank to see some top rated art in this part of Spain. Step inside the church, a 14th century architectural mix of North European gothic meets Arab mudejar, sit back and take in its glory. The Parroquia, famous for its five naves, also features an altarpiece designed in 1632 by Martinez Montanes, considered the best Sevillian sculptor of the time.

Searching for more creative inspiration? Head next door and you will be able to walk straight up to the feet of the most famous statue of Christ in Seville at the Basilica de Nuestro Senor Jesus del Gran Poder. Make sure you do not miss out on the mural painting of the Virgin de Rocamador or Murillos painting Charitas either.


~ Cathedral and Giralda

Go any other time of the week to Sevilles symbolic Cathedral and Giralda and expect to pay the price for such beauty. Head on a Sunday however and you can enjoy the cities most famous landmark entirely for free.

Seville Cathedral, the third largest in the world, is a splendid blend of Christian and Arabic styles (not surprising given its foundation on the site of an old mosque), finished in the 16th century. Here you can see the tomb of the legendary Christopher Columbus, for whom Seville had to thank for its hey day as one of the worlds richest cities after the discovery of the Americas. The inside of the cathedral is no less opulent with its retablo (carved scenes from the life of Christ), the Giralda (a minaret converted into a bell tower) and the longest nave in all of Spain. Keep an eye out for the dome mind; it has collapsed a fair few times since old Columbus has been laid to rest.


~ Museo de Bellas Artes

If you still have not had your fill of all the wonderful art that Seville has on offer, it is worth checking out the Museo de Bellas Artes and having a wander around its galleries for free.

This 17th century building houses one of the finest art galleries in the whole of Europe, featuring works by Sevilles own Murillo, Velazquez and El Greco. If you do find yourself tiring looking at the work of such gods take a peek at the museums hedged gardens. A nice little break from the buzz of the cerveza swigging centre!


Seville guarantees a good time for the traveller, just prepare to have your eyes bombarded by all the glitz and glamour on display.

Things to do in Sevilla

The Aquapolis water park in Sevilla -

Isla Magica theme park in Sevilla -

Zoo in Sevilla -

The Seville Feria starts 2 weeks after Semana Santa in the area of Los Remedios.

Catedral: Avenida de la Constitucion s/n tel: 954 21 49 71 Price: 9€

Real Alcazar: Patio de Banderas s/n tel: 954 50 23 23 Price: 9,50€

Torre del Oro: Paseo de Colon, next to the river Price: 3€

Casa de Pilatos (Palace) c/ Aguilas: Fee: 8€ for the bottom floor, 10€ complete tour

Plaza de Toros (Bullring): Fee: 8€

Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park (free entrance)

Acuario De Sevilla : Adult 15€ Children 10€

Las Setas (Metropol Parasol): Fee: 3€


Located just 25 minutes from the Cortijo around 38 km / 23 miles to the east of Seville and is full of many historic attractions. This town rises high above large agricultural plains and there are a number of impressive buildings, including several mansions, churches and also town squares. Highlights include the Plaza de San Fernando, with a Renaissance-style facade, the grand 18th-century town hall, with some well-preserved Roman mosaics in its courtyard, and the imposing ruins of the Alcazar del Rey Pedro, once the palace of Padro I. Just outside Carmona is the Necropolis Romana, which are the extensive remains of a Roman burial ground. There is also a museum on the site, with interesting exhibits of artefacts, such as statues, glass, jewellery and urns, all once buried with the bodies.



The places of special interest are in the upper part of the city, the old part of town:

- Parador: Built by the Arabs, it is now a luxury hotel with beautiful traditional patios. The views are worth the visit.

- The Santa Maria Church: Open Tuesday through Saturday 10h-14h. Sunday and Monday closed.

- Roman Necropolis: Is in the lower part of the city. Funeral chambers from the first century. Open Tuesday through Friday 9h - 17h, Saturdays and Sundays:10h-14h, Mondays and Holidays: closed



Located just 1 hour from the Cortijo, once the largest city of Roman Spain, Cordóba later formed the heart of the western Islamic empire. Today, the city is a typical bustling, noisy Andalusian city, with lots of atmosphere, fascinating sites, intriguing small streets and shops and the inevitable fabulous choice of restaurants and bars.



City Walls


The Mezquita

Roman Bridge

The castle of Almodovar is situated on the road from Lora del Rio to Cordoba -



There are 3 golf courses in Seville :

Las Minas Golf, Ctra. Km Isla Mayor. 0800 41 849 Aznalcazar,Sevilla

Club de golf Real de Seville Autovia Sevilla-Utera km. 41500 Sevilla 3,2 Alcala de Guadaira,

Golf Zaudin, Ctra. Mairena-Tomares km. 1,5 41 940 Tomares,Sevilla


- For further tourist information on Sevilla please visit

- For information on the beautiful coastline and beaches of Huelva :

- The amazing Donana national park

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